11 July 2011

Programming for Deadlift

Sorry for our time away last week, we were refueling for new programming here on PTG. Deadlift is on the menu starting next week and we wanted to explain our position and address any issues before we start.

The Deadlift, along with the Squat are the two most primal and basic PURE STRENGTH exercises. Deadlift's will help to develop massive gains in lower body and posterior strength. It is really the most simple concept in all of Strength Training: load a bar, stand over it, and pick it up. Although the lift is fairly simple in itself, understanding exercise selection to accompany the program and address the limiting factors of the Deadlift is very important.

The three main limiting factors to the Deadlift are:
  • Grip Strength
  • Low Back / Posterior Strength
  • Core Strength

In programming assistant lifts/exercises for this program, we have to address these issues in order to maximize the potential maximal lift at the end of the program. The common (easy) answers to these three limiting factors are:
  • Poor Grip Strength = Wraps or Straps
  • Weak Low Back / Posterior Strength = Belts, Stance or Grip Alterations
  • Core Strength Deficiency = Belts or Powerlifting Suits

Before we posted anything about the details of this program we wanted to make our standards known.


If there is an area you are weak at, TRAIN IT! There are no compromises. It will be a 5 week program starting next week. PTG!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I love deadlifting and need work in increasing my numbers and feel that the programming you list will be greatly beneficial. K>>>>What are your thoughts on the Hatch Squat combined with Deadlifing?

  2. I would not combine the two in one program. The Hatch Program is extremely taxing on your body and adding Deadlift would be overtraining in my opinion. I think you have to determine what your individual goals are and at what time in the year you want to focus on different things. You absolutely can program the two in the same program but I would use Deadlift as my secondary lower body day after my main focus on Squat, especially in a program where Sports Performance is the objective.