23 June 2011

Russian Traning Legend: Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky

As we are beginning to post on plyometric training and how to progress it into your program, we would be doing a great disservice if we were not to provide background into it's foundation and development. Dr. Yuri Verkhoshanksy, who passed a year ago today, is the "Father" of plyometric training, but in the non bastardized form than we know it today. The term plyometric is given to any form of jump training in many settings when in actuality the two need to be considered completely seperate. Jump training is important and must first be taught and progressed before an aggressive plyometric program, but must not be confused with the true nature of plyometrics that Dr. Verkhoshansky developed in the early 1960's.

In Explosive Plyometrics by Dr. Michael Yessis, the methodology behind Verkhoshanky's training is explained in detail. He states that his method is better referred to as the "shock method" or "hit method." These terms do better to highlight "that when you make contact with the ground as in a jump or when receiving a ball or object, your body experiences a shock or hit. This elicits the involuntary forced stretch during which you accumulate energy for the return action." Without this forced stretch, it is just considered jump training and not truly plyometric. As we progress here on the site into programming, we will try to stay as close to true nature of plyometric training. Pick up a copy of his book and read more into his training principles and methodologies. Dr. Verkhoshansky is truly one of the legends of Strength & Conditioning. PTG!

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