17 May 2011

Bulgarian Training Legend: Ivan Abadjiev

We recently had the pleasure of hearing from former Bulgarian National Team Coach Ivan Abadjiev, one of the pioneers in Olympic Weighlifting at the CSCCa Conference. The presentation was through an interpreter so it was difficult to follow, and with only an hour, hard for him to even break the surface of all the knowledge he possesses. This article by David Woodhouse, (weightliftingexchange.com), is a really good read into the principles and foundations behind Coach Abadjiev's traninig system.

Ivan Abadjiev was born in 1932 and was himself a world class weightlifter having placed 2nd in the World Championships in 1953. After retiring from the sport he took an administrative position in Bulgaria but was vocal in his criticism of the team's training methods. In 1969, following their disappointing performance in the Mexico Olympics, as a desperation move, the governing body appointed him national coach. Just three years later, at the games in Munich, Bulgarian lifters won three gold and three silver medals, their first medals in any sport in Olympic competition. This medal count was duplicated four years later in Montreal and in Moscow increased to two golds, four silvers and two bronzes. In 1984 Eastern European countries boycotted the Los Angeles games and this cost Bulgaria several likely gold medals. Nevertheless, at the World Championships two years later they won gold in 6 weight categories (versus the Soviets 3) and became the most successful team in weightlifting history.

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