08 April 2011

Platform Lifting Shoes: Which One's to Buy?

We talked in our earlier post on platform lifting shoes and their importance in applying force in the ground. In this post I thought it would be good to talk about the options out there and hopefully get some feedback from people as to which versions they prefer.

Nike Romaleo
The best looking lifting shoe on the market but can be hard to find due to the limited number that Nike produces. Great comfort and feel but are expensive. If money is not an option they are a great buy!
Price: $189

Adidas Adistar
These shoes are advertised as the “top of the line in functionality and style”, but are extremely hard to find anywhere other than the Adidas website. Similar to the Romaleo with a hefty price tag!
Price: $200

Rogue Do-win
Extremely durable and affordable option in comparison to the Nike & Adidas version. Dual strap construction helps for a comfortable and tight fit to help you express force into the ground. These are our pick as the shoe to buy. Best mix of affordability, durability and performance. PTG!

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